Tasker - Setup Home and Work Locations


When I get to home or work, I want the WiFi to turn on automatically. Otherwise it should be off.


First, Tasker is great. You can get it on the Play Store here. I think it costs $2.99, and it’s one of the few paid apps I own. It’s also a big reason why I don’t think I could ever switch to an iPhone.

Setup Location Context

Anyway, I lost all of my Tasker config because I didn’t have a working backup when I reset my phone.1 So for this, I’m starting from zero. No profiles, tasks, or anything.


So like it says, click + (at the bottom center) to add the first context.


Click “Location”.

It may show a dialog about reading “Location Without Tears”:


Thanks for the tip. Click OK.

Tangent: Location Options

It’s been a while since I’ve looked at that, so let’s check that out…

Click the sideways “…” menu at the top right


Then click “Location Without Tears”. It may prompt you with some options:


I chose “Download All to SD”, so I can read the help when my connection is no good.

Anyway, these are your location options and trade-offs:


State: Cell Near

This uses info that your phone already has about the cell towers that it can see around it. It’s very inaccurate, and a PITA to setup from my experience.

I can be on totally different towers between one side of the house to the other. So I don’t recommend this one.

State: BT Near

I don’t have any bluetooth devices that are always on at home for this to trigger, so this doesn’t work for me.

Location: Net

Not as accurate as I would like, because service is not great near my home. But, it can save power when used in combination with GPS.

Location: Net & Wifi

This requires that wifi already be on to get a more precise location. Which doesn’t work for my application here, since my phone’s WiFi will be off.

State: Wifi Near

Again, this requires wifi to already be enabled, which doesn’t work in this instance.

Location: GPS

This can potentially use a lot of battery, but is one of the most accurate and easy-to-setup options. I’m not concerned about the battery usage, but you can change the settings related to that in Prefs > Monitor.

Set Location

Anyway, tangent over, back out of that menu.

When choosing a location, it usually starts with a location somewhere in the ocean, east of Africa. To go to your current location, if you’re at home, click the crosshair thing with the circle in the middle:


The circle will turn into an X, and that will find where you are (may take a minute):


If you’re not at that location, you can still set this. Find your home location on the map and long-press it. Tasker will drop the pin there.

I’ve found that a Radius of 200m works well without being too large, and I leave “Net” and “GPS” selected. If the network is available it will use that first, and it’s lower power than GPS.


Click the back arrow in the top left to save that, and it will prompt for a Context name. I like to keep these short, so I use “@home”, but pick whatever you like.


Click the checkmark to save that location context.

Enter Task

After setting up the location context, Tasker will prompt for the task to trigger. This is the task that is run when you enter the home location.

Click “New Task”, then give it a name. I chose the boring but descriptive name “Home Enter”.

Click the checkmark, and you will be presented with an empty task screen:


Like it says, click the “+” in the bottom center to add an action. There are a lot of action categories to choose from:


I want to turn the wifi on, which is under “Net”, so click that. Then you will see the “Select Net Action” screen:


Click “WiFi”, and on the Action Edit screen, under Set, select “On”:


Then click the back arrow in the top left to save that. And now there is that one action in the task:


Click the back arrow in the top left to save that. Now we’re back at the main screen:


Exit Task

I also want to turn the wifi off when I leave the house, to supposedly save some battery.

Long press on “Home Enter”, and it will show a menu:


Click “Add Exit Task”:


Then click “New Task”. I not surprisingly called this one “Home Exit”.

On the Task Edit screen, click “+” to add an action. Select Net > WiFi, and under Set, select “Off”.

Click back to save, and you should have something like this:


Click back again to save that, and back on the main screen you should have a home location setup with an Enter and Exit task:


Set this up for Work

If you like, do all that same stuff again, but this time for your work location.

I also want wifi to turn on automatically when I’m at work, so I did that, and now I have this:


Load This Config

From that main screen, click the back softkey on your device. This will trigger Tasker to recheck its conditions.

If you are at home, the Tasker notification will show that now:


If you go back into Tasker, the home profile is green now, showing that it’s active:


That’s it!


  1. I have another post about how I typically reset my phone