Firefox Mobile Wants to Distract You


I have an idea of something I want to look up, and I reach for my phone. I open a new tab in Firefox, and I am greeted with a screen full of distraction:


Ooh, so many colorful, click-bait headlines and websites. Looks like there’s a new article about Akrasia, I wonder what that is. Now, what was I going to search for, I forget…

That’s the problem - every time I open a new tab, I get distracted by all the crap on the new tab page. Let’s fix that.

Empty New Tab Page

Get rid of all that junk! This is what I want:


Ah, new tab nirvana. Let’s do this.

First, get to the settings for this: Click on the 3-dot menu in the upper right, then “Settings”.


From there, click “General”


Then “Home”


We are going to change all of this stuff:


First click “Set a homepage”, and set that to the custom page about:blank


Then click “Also use for new tabs” so it is enabled.

At this point, when you open a new tab it will be blank, BUT when you click the URL to search it will bring up all of that stuff again:


So we still have a few things to get rid of.

Click “Top Sites”, then “Hide” to get rid of that.


Click “Bookmarks”, then “Hide” to get rid of that.


Click “History”, then “Hide” to get rid of that.


Now this is what those settings should look like:


And when you open a new tab, it’s blank, and then clicking the URL it stays blank!


And that’s it. Go forth undistracted forever more.