I Need a Good Protein Bar

I want something better than the typical candy bar with added protein.

Firefox Mobile Wants to Distract You

Don't succumb to the clickbait headlines every time you open a new tab.

Daily Stretches and Mobility Work

Exercises I do everyday to fix my posture and loosen up.

Mac Paste

No one can prevent you from pasting text (for dialogs, passwords, web forms, etc.) on OSX.

HowTo - Extract Files With Commit History From a Git Repo

My quest to extract some files from my dotfiles repo, while maintaining their commit history.

did.txt - Making Simple Things More Complicated

I started using the 'did.txt' idea and I liked it, but wanted some more functionality.

Tasker - Setup Home and Work Locations

Basic Tasker setup to get wifi turning on automatically at home and work.

Using RuboCop with Jekyll

Walkthrough of setting up RuboCop for this site.

HowTo - Reset Android Nexus 6, Update, and Re-Root

Clear out cruft and get OTA updates (this will take a few hours).

Setting Up Travis CI for My Github Pages Site

Walkthrough of setting up Travis-CI for this site's Github repo.

Strategies From My First 100 Days at LinkedIn

What I learned from my first 100 days at Linkedin.