Tim Ferriss Show #195 - DHH

Notes I took from that episode of Tim’s podcast

This was a wide-ranging podcast discussing principles, flow, business, expectations, habits, accountability, code, and more

Keep scratching and you will find something interesting

You can either be the best in the world at one thing (maybe), or be in the top 15-20% in 5 or 6 things


Removing complexity

Set up a company/situation that you want to be at in 20 years

Have compatible goals


Lifestyle design

Flow, striving, getting better

“The best things in life are free, and the next best things are very expensive” – Coco Chanel

It’s the expectations not the outcomes themselves that matter

Negative visualization


Most successful people stick to the things that provide them flow and interesting new challenges, and the striving that defines life and the purpose of it. Once you realize this, you can prioritize it first.


Interruptions and getting important creative work done

Accountability, complicity

Twitter is the pillow that DHH shouts into :)

Life is long enough

Beautiful code, programming patterns

The first draft of anything is shit

Scientific method

Advice for younger self

Strengths and weaknesses