JRE Podcast #962 - Jocko Willink

Notes I took from Joe’s podcast episode on YouTube

Interesting insights/thoughts on struggle, discipline, martial arts, discipline, raising kids

Jocko is a retired Navy seal with his own podcast now

Chris Cornell suicide

Hard to comprehend suicide for people who haven’t had those thoughts

When you have all this stuff and life seems meaningless

Find something you suck at and get better at it

The struggle is important

It’s the grind that sharpens the axe

Tim ferriss wrote a blog post about contemplating suicide many years ago

If you’re trapped in your mind, get physical. Get in your body

Afluenza - many rich kids killing themselves

Hard to get perspective when you’re caught in the downward spiral

Willpower is limited
Start the day making good decisions to workout, then deciding to eat well is easier later in the day
Likewise, starting out not working out makes it easier to say no to other good things later

After being truly thirsty, really appreciate water (vs something sugary like Coke)

Primal instinct to fight, struggle, survive

Feel safer training with high level black belts
They know how not to spaz out and hurt you
Choose your training partner wisely

Put two boys in a yard, they will eventually start wrestling, it’s instincts

The kids that are more cerebral often get into it more than the bruiser kids
Assassin nerds
Jiu jitsu is a complex game of kinetic chess

Don’t go strength against strength, in sport
Don’t attack hardened enemy positions
Don’t bark orders at people to lead them

Maneuver and adjust position, and get the person to give you what you want instead of taking it

Can’t just tell kids what to do, because I said so
(Adults as well)

When I send you to do a mission, it’s not your mission
If there’s some obstacle, you’ll blame my planning and give up
If it’s your plan you will figure out the obstacles

You will get good grades vs here’s what good grades will get you

Everybody is an independent thinker, need to get everyone together on the same page to execute a plan

What the military is told to do vs how they do it
Let the pros figure out how to make it happen

Vietnam - too much civilian oversight, not enough autonomy to get things done

Have to be adaptable to changing conditions

Always going to kill civilians in war

Pictures of dead soldiers - this is real, we all need to pitch in
Need to know the cost

War is a horrible event
Many times it is the right thing to do
Not just going to kick ass, high five, and come home

The robot wars are coming

Radiolab podcast about crispr

JRE podcast with James Kingston
Crazy dudes hanging off buildings

Something primal about hanging and balancing?

People are weird
Alex “no big deal” honnold

Women are better at hanging than men
Lighter bodies, with similar hand strength

Slow twitch, fast twitch, and now medium twitch muscles

I should try kettlebells

Feydor’s attitude was total absence of emotion

Train with someone who is at a much higher level
Iron sharpens iron
Have to seek those guys out

The next level​ is creativity

Seeing somebody do something amazing shows you that amazing things are possible

The UFC fighting uses gloves but it’s much more realistic with no gloves
If you punch with bare hands you can break your hand
But that will probably never happen

Wing Chun or tai chi vs jiu jitsu
“Settling you chi” doesn’t work
Believe what you want but that should be aligned to reality
Flat Earth

The mind is pliable
You can reinforce the grooves of improvement and productivity

Have to be open to new ideas
Maybe there’s a better way to do things
Listen to other peoples perspectives

JRE Jordan Peterson podcast
If you accept new ideas, what you’ve done for the last 20 years gets thrown away, that’s hard
Like those martial arts, either learn jiu jitsu or block it out
Hard to do with fighting because the truth comes out when facing another guy on the mat
With intellectual arguments, people never tap out

Joe went Tai Kwon do –> kickboxing –> muy Thai –> jiu jitsu
At first got really good at something that was not very good on its own

Must be willing to accept new data and info

Talking about communism, but sounds like they are talking about socialism (redistribution of wealth)
[As I understand it, communism is about a classless society with public ownership of the means of production]

Being given something for free destroys motivation

Discipline = Freedom

Universal basic income could work?
Or would that squash motivation?

To give money to someone, it has to come from someone else

We have requirements for struggle and difficulty

How do you learn something? Do it

There’s always some unknown when doing something you’ve never done before

Hard to get out of your comfort zone and be a beginner again after you’re good at one thing. Humbling

Hard work and discipline will get you where you want to be

Of course you suck, you just started. You weren’t born knowing how to do everything

Create what you want to. If people don’t like it, that’s ok

You have to understand the darkness in the world to appreciate the beautiful things. You can’t be a good person until you know your dark side

This whole podcast thing was unexpected

People know these guys through their podcasts

There’s a primal thing about having long conversations. There’s a lack of conversation in the world today. Something is missing

There’s no trophy for participation in life

Life is hard. In order to deal with life you gotta be hard

It’s ironic - interesting people come from fucked up childhoods
We want our kids to be interesting but we live in good neighborhoods, eat healthy, etc
Don’t want them to be boring but also want them to be safe
Joe’s solution: martial arts, pursuing difficult things

If you’re helping your kids, you’re hurting them

Let people be who they are

Get obsessed with life improvement. Find things you enjoy doing that are difficult, do them, and get better at them

Book: way of the warrior kid