AthleanX - How to Fix Rounded Shoulders (GONE IN 4 STEPS!)

Notes I took from Jeff’s video on YouTube

Rounded shoulders are one of the most common postural problems that not only makes us look bad when standing but it compromises our bodies over time. In this video, I’m going to show you how to fix rounded shoulders in just 4 steps by attacking the problem with the right series of corrections. In order to get rid of round shoulders you will have to work on correcting joint issues, muscle weakness, muscle tightness and bad habits.

They fixed Jesse’s posture, along with gaining muscle

Don’t build a house on a crappy foundation


Stand up, with your arms at your sides

Look at the position of your thumbs

Good chance your thumbs are pointing at each other, because your shoulders are rounded

(can also look in the mirror to validate this)

Working on 4 things to fix this: 1) joint, 2) muscles that are weak - strengthen, 3) muscles that are tight - stretch, 4) habits

Joint Fix

Problem is mostly with the shoulder? no

Going to focus on the mid back, thoracic spine - it gets adaptively tight, and rounds, taking everything else with it

Getting extension thru the thoracic spine will help fix everything else

For tight posterior shoulder capsure, you can do the sleeper stretch - but for most people that’s not a big issue

What to do

Thoracic extension & rotation

On the floor, face down, arms up at 45 degrees overhead

Rotate to one side, keeping chest wide open, getting extension and rotation through the thoracic spine

Do left and right side, a few times a day, or at least a few times a week

This is one of the main things Jesse did

You can also use a foam roller, but it’s not necessary


What is tight and what is weak?

Upper cross syndrome - weak and tight muscles cross each other

Tightness in chest, and upper back

Weakness in scapula and neck

What to do

Stretch the subscapularis (rotator cuff muscle that internally rotates)

Arm at 90 degrees, reaching back in ext rotation

Hook arm (elbow) against something (doorway, whatever)

Rotate chest away, and keep reaching back (should feel that in the armpit)

This looks like a pitcher about to throw a baseball

Hold for 30 seconds, a few times a week

Stretch the pec minor (connects from front of shoulder to ribs)

Push shoulder into door frame, keeping it from moving forward

Pinch shoulder blades together

Raise the arm up, and feel the stretch


Strengthen the weak muscles

External rotators, rotator cuff, rhomboids, lower traps, serratus anterior

Modified Pull Apart

Start with thumbs pointing up

Pull the band apart, while externally rotating the hands out, thumbs pointing back

prefer 20 sets of 1 vs 1 set of 20 - quality reps

Serratus and lower traps thing

Stand tall

Protract arms out (forward), without rounding the back

Turn arms out into external rotation, to get tension on the band

Then raise arms up overhead, come down, and reset everything, do it again

Quality reps to correct this


You didn’t get this way in one day

One thing for standing, one for sitting down

Sitting down

Tennis ball between shoulder blades, against the back of the chair

When you fall into rounded shoulders, the tennis ball will drop - instant feedback, forces you to be in a better position

Standing, walking around

“Where is your sternum?”

Is the top of it angling down? If it’s going down, everything is coming with it

Imagine your sternum as a glass of water, don’t tip it forward and spill out

For desk jobs

If you spend a lot fo time at a desk, break up your time a few times a day

Stand up every 15 or 30 minutes


Habits take time to develop

This only takes like 5 minutes

Consistency will pay off in the long run

Fix the foundation first, and everything else will fall into place