Notes I took from Jeff’s video on YouTube

In this video, I’m going to show you the number one exercise that you should do every day that will help to improve your posture, fix common muscle imbalances, improve your performance on the big lifts, and increase your shoulder joint mobility.

One exercise that will change your life: do it every single day, takes one minute (maybe one and a half minutes)

Fix things, and make improvements in a lot of areas:

You can do this every day because it’s not an overload, or a strength exercise

Band Pull Apart

Doing these the right way gets you all the benefits above

Mistake #1: Overhand Grip

Don’t just grab the band overhand and pull it apart - internally rotating your shoulder

Putting your shoulder in external rotation is better long term - we don’t get enough ext rotation, or activate the rotator cuff often enough

Use an underhand grip

Mistake #2: High Reps

High reps of bad quality doesn’t fix the problem

Low reps, high quality, consistency is key

Mistake #3: Just Straight Pull Apart

Isn’t the point to work shoulder blade retraction? no, you get that from pulling, rowing, etc.

Need to develop stability in the lower traps and shoulder blades for upward and downward elevation movements

Need stability for things like pressing overhead

How To Do This

Underhand grip

Elbows in, hands out a little wider (automatically get some ext. rotation)

Start high, and pull down and back (pull from high to low)

See time 4:00 in the video for a demonstration

Why is this important?

You will always be front side dominant, no matter how much pulling you do

Gain mobility by developing your external rotation strength

Better posture, helping your shoulders sit back more