LinkedIn Speaker Series - Simon Sinek

Notes from Simon's talk at LinkedIn, from his book 'The Infinite Game'.

AthleanX - How to Fix Rounded Shoulders (GONE IN 4 STEPS!)

Fix the joint, stretch tight muscles, strengthen weak muscles, and change your habits.

AthleanX - How to Lose Weight WITHOUT Counting Calories!!

A simple way to divide up your plate to manage portion sizes.


Do band pull-aparts every day, BUT do them the right way.

AthleanX - 4 Stretches You Should Be Doing EVERY Morning!

4 simple stretches I'm going to start doing every day.

Simon Sinek - 5 Rules to Follow as You Find Your Spark

After a cringy introduction, Simon tells stories and shares some real life lessons to a group of young people.

Simplicity Matters - Rich Hickey

Keynote talk from Ruby Conf 2012 - simple vs. easy, programmers vs. programs, and how to choose simplicity.

Tim Ferriss Show #195 - DHH

Wide-ranging podcast discussing DHH's principles, flow, business, expectations, habits, accountability, code, and more.

JRE Podcast #962 - Jocko Willink

Interesting insights/thoughts on struggle, discipline, martial arts, discipline, raising kids.

LinkedIn Speaker Series - Neil Pasricha

Notes from Neil Pasricha's talk at LinkedIn, from his book 'The Happiness Equation'.

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