LinkedIn Speaker Series - Simon Sinek

Notes from Simon's talk at LinkedIn, from his book 'The Infinite Game'.

I Need a Good Protein Bar

I want something better than the typical candy bar with added protein.

AthleanX - How to Fix Rounded Shoulders (GONE IN 4 STEPS!)

Fix the joint, stretch tight muscles, strengthen weak muscles, and change your habits.

AthleanX - How to Lose Weight WITHOUT Counting Calories!!

A simple way to divide up your plate to manage portion sizes.

Firefox Mobile Wants to Distract You

Don't succumb to the clickbait headlines every time you open a new tab.

Cabinet-Mounted Spice Rack

Constructed without screws, and just a little glue.

Daily Stretches and Mobility Work

Exercises I do everyday to fix my posture and loosen up.


Do band pull-aparts every day, BUT do them the right way.

AthleanX - 4 Stretches You Should Be Doing EVERY Morning!

4 simple stretches I'm going to start doing every day.

Mac Paste

No one can prevent you from pasting text (for dialogs, passwords, web forms, etc.) on OSX.

HowTo - Extract Files With Commit History From a Git Repo

My quest to extract some files from my dotfiles repo, while maintaining their commit history.

did.txt - Making Simple Things More Complicated

I started using the 'did.txt' idea and I liked it, but wanted some more functionality.

Simon Sinek - 5 Rules to Follow as You Find Your Spark

After a cringy introduction, Simon tells stories and shares some real life lessons to a group of young people.

Simplicity Matters - Rich Hickey

Keynote talk from Ruby Conf 2012 - simple vs. easy, programmers vs. programs, and how to choose simplicity.

Tasker - Setup Home and Work Locations

Basic Tasker setup to get wifi turning on automatically at home and work.

Using RuboCop with Jekyll

Walkthrough of setting up RuboCop for this site.

Tim Ferriss Show #195 - DHH

Wide-ranging podcast discussing DHH's principles, flow, business, expectations, habits, accountability, code, and more.

HowTo - Reset Android Nexus 6, Update, and Re-Root

Clear out cruft and get OTA updates (this will take a few hours).

JRE Podcast #962 - Jocko Willink

Interesting insights/thoughts on struggle, discipline, martial arts, discipline, raising kids.

Setting Up Travis CI for My Github Pages Site

Walkthrough of setting up Travis-CI for this site's Github repo.

LinkedIn Speaker Series - Neil Pasricha

Notes from Neil Pasricha's talk at LinkedIn, from his book 'The Happiness Equation'.

Page to check CSS theme

A page containing all the formatting I use, to check that I haven't messed things up when changing CSS.

Strategies From My First 100 Days at LinkedIn

What I learned from my first 100 days at Linkedin.